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As we near the time for outdoor parties and your home garden approaches the beginning of a new season all seems to be right with the world. You begin by gathering all your gardening tools having already made your trip to Home Depot for all your supplies, and revel in the thought of the enjoyment of your peaceful garden on a beautiful sunny day. You have your hat for the sun and your nice tall glass of water, what else could possibly go wrong?

Beautiful mature woman gardeningUnfortunately we know all to well what can go wrong. They are called pesky mosquitoes. They fly into your home garden with the explicit purpose of ruining your lovely Sunday. After two or ten bites you find yourself gnawing away at your skin like your main goal was to dig a hole in your skin rather than your garden, and before you know it you’ve called it a day and retired to find some anti-itch crème you bought last summer and seem to have misplaced. If there were only a sensible mosquito control solution that actually worked you would have been able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. If only there was someone who could help.

We are here to tell you that you have found the Garden of Eden for mosquito control. Not only do we know a thing or two about ridding your outdoor living spaces of mosquitos, but also we are willing to lend a few tips to you all! Oh the Joy!

Some of the best advice we can give you in regards to preserving your gardening Sundays would be to check to make sure you don’t foster any breeding areas. The trick to mosquito control is making sure you eliminate the places for them to live and breed!

Likely Breeding Sites:

 Check the doors and windows in your home. If they have any slight gaps in them this may be a culprit.

 Have any ponds or stagnant water near your house? This could be a bird bath, a toy truck tipped over, or even a tarp. Stagnant water creates a breeding frenzy for mosquitos and is where they lay their eggs. So, dump and disinfect all areas you find!

 Check for any tree holes and hollows in your garden. If rainwater gets stopped up here, it could lead to a pretty nasty mosquito infection.

 Last but not least remember the gardening equipment you were just using? Any gardening equipment that can be a receptacle for water can be home to mosquito larvae. Turn it over and drain it!

Hopefully we have filled your brains with information and opened your minds up to multiple areas those sneaky mosquitos hide in. We at Mosquito Squad truly live by our motto NO Bugs, NO Bites, NO Kidding, and take pride in sharing a little piece of our work to you all.