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So spring is officially here!  Easter is fast approaching and spring break is right around the corner.  The on-set of the warmer weather brings so much to do, not to mention the biting insects; planting, gardening, planning for the kids during their off time and outdoor event planning such as graduation parties, Memorial Day gatherings, and the likes.

Baby DucksWhen my kids were growing up, Easter Sunday started with finding the eggs, and of course the chocolate and the easter candy, followed by breakfast, then church, time with family and friends, and then more chocolate and easter candy.  Now that the kids are grown, well, I have to admit, that we still do send easter baskets (although a much smaller version then they use to get as kids).

For anyone that is like me, and not very creative, or just can’t seem to figure out how to keep the kids entertained, and away from eating all that candy, here are some great ideas, that not only can be played on Easter Sunday, but can be adapted for birthday parties, and just fun summer games.

Egg Toss – Played with raw eggs, and partners;  Partners stand about five feet apart, and a raw egg is tossed from one partner to the next.  Those who catch the eggs without breaking them continue in the game; the others are out.  After each successful catch, the players must take one step backwards that the tosses are longer and longer.  The last team with the unbroken egg wins the game.

See more of these types of games:  http://grandparents.about.com/od/celebrations/tp/EasterEggGames.htm

For the younger kids there are games like ‘duck, duck, goose’.  To learn more about these games and how to organize an Easter egg hunt, click here: hop:http://www.bhg.com/holidays/easter/games/easter-egg-hunt/

As our weather warms up, and you are planning that next backyard event, or having a party by the pool, don’t leave Mosquito Squad off your list.  We want to help make sure that your party or event is mosquito-free, so you can focus on having a good time.