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Spring showers and sunshine, bring out the dormant mosquitoes and create ideal breeding conditions for these pesky nuisance bugs.

Utilizing an effective and dependable mosquito control solution is critical to the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Traditional methods, such as citronella candles and bugs spray, merely act as a mosquito repellent, in limited areas, and don’t last for too long. Then there are the DIY products that you can purchase. Consideration of your time and your labor, while understanding the limited effectiveness, is important. Only a professional mosquito control company can guarantee season-long protection. But, how do you select a service that will ensure you a worry-free and mosquito-free summer?

Here are some common questions you may have about mosquito control services:

  • Which service works?
  • How often should I be treated?
  • Do all companies use the same products?
  • What makes one company better than another?
  • Does rain wash away the mosquito treatment?

Choosing the right mosquito control company starts with getting knowledgeable answers to all of your questions. But specifically, here are some key factors you should expect from your service provider.

Product used

  • Should be safe for children and pets
  • Family Dining Al FrescoShould have an immediate “knock-down” effect
  • Should use a “time-released” product that has a residual affect, which helps to continue to eliminate mosquitoes for several weeks (typically 3 weeks) even after a rain storm
    • Heavy rain, when the temperatures are above 55 = More standing water = An increase in the mosquito population
    • Time released products are expensive, however, without the use of this, mosquitoes reappear quicker
    • Treating every 4 weeks maybe okay, however, because of the mosquito life cycle, and wanting to drive consistency, treating every 3 weeks (or 21 days), is the recommended best practice. Your experience should be seamless. The need to have to call for repeated mosquito problems is a nuisance.

Applying Product

  • Using a hose or a backpack
    • Mosquitoes tend to harbor in the shade, under the foliage leaves.  Applying product ONLY to the grass is ineffective.
    • Using a hose to apply the product, will dilute it, and make it less effective. The best method is a misting approach, as the product can then bond to the foliage, where the mosquitoes like to be.

Other Important Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the company’s license. All companies, doing business, should absolutely be able to provide you with their license number, so that you can verify they are legitimate.
  • Look for companies that guarantee their service AND stand behind their word, without making you wait days (or sometimes weeks) to get back out to you.
  • Customer service, is all about doing business with those that we feel care about us. Friendliness, flexibility, and affordability; it’s more then just taking someone’s money and providing a service. It’s about taking pride in providing a service that is helping others, and doing the next right thing.